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                Welcome to my corner of the Federation

   As a long time fan of Star Trek and the visions of the future depicted by Gene Roddenberry
      where ALL beings are created equal and NOTHING is impossible if you continue to try,
     I invite you to share my favorite Star Trek pages and fan fiction sites.  Maybe if the
    great Paramount/Viacom machine would let their imaginations go, we the fans
   would have better stories and stronger characters.  One can but dream!
  My hope is that the dream continues through many more
   generations and that the lessons of tolerance and
     ingenuity continue to brighten our planet.
I started watching Star Trek the first day it was aired on NBC and from that episode on I became hooked for life.  I was 15 years old at the beginning of my journey through Trekdom, and I have personally grown as an individual through the visions of Gene Roddenberry.  When I was a girl no one encouraged women to be explorers, officers in the military, or anything else that might require a brain, with the exception of nurses and teachers.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this show with women in space, officer's well respected by their peers even though they still wore short skirts, women with intelligence that hadn't been told to "dummy down" and catch a husband.  Uhura and Nurse Chapel became my heroines and as the years passed Nichelle Nichols and Majel Barrett Roddenberry have also earned my respect and admiration.  Star Trek has continued to grow and change, there are even women Captain's of Starfleet vessels.  The Original Star Trek was one of the first shows to address bigotry, racism, and other forms of prejudice, whether personal or political, and show them as the destructive forces that they are.

I have chosen to live my life along the lines of IDIC, a Vulcan philosophy that teaches "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations".  This symbol pairs a circle and a triangle with a gem set in the center where the two shapes meet.  My interpretation of this symbol is that all things: beauty, growth, progress, hatred, war, are the result of the meeting of two different things. Mankind must learn that there are always at least two different sides to every issue and everything in the universe is the result of the union of the unlike. The gemstone represents that union for me and I try to apply this philosophy in my daily life.  For those few of you who don't know what an IDIC looks like there is one below this paragraph.

I now have a daughter aged 15, who is a ST: Voyager fan.  She greatly admires Captain Kathryn Janeway and Ms. Kate Mulgrew, the very talented actress who portrays her.  My daughter wants to be an archeologist when she "grow's up".  She met Ms. Mulgrew at a convention and shared this ambition with her idol.  Ms Mulgrew gave my daughter a hug and told her that part of the reason she does the Star Trek shows is so that other girls will know that there is no limit to the things that they can do, and that they should never give up their dreams for mediocrity.  Her character is a science officer AND the captain of a Federation starship!  Just shows how far we've all come from the original series, lacking in special effects but always following the dream that there is more in this universe than mankind will ever know or understand.
And the dream lives on.........


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Interview with Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway)
Interview with Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) 7/31/98

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Interview with Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
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 My favorite Star Trek sites
     Lists of Links


     Star Trek: Original Series
        Star Trek: Izan Page- Dedicated to the original series.  This site has the best pages about the Aliens on the original series.
        Separate pages for the Gorn, the Andorians, and the Tellarites.  The Lost Races of TOS is a MUST SEE!

        Eric's Excruciatingly Detailed Start Trek (TOS) Plot Summaries-  Just what is says.  Eric has done a really fine
        job summarizing each and every episode.

        The Kirk Information Page- I've linked to the biography of James Kirk page, which in my opinion is the best page on the
        site.  There are other pages as well, to see them click here.

     How I loved this show!  I remember staying up late and staying home on Friday's just to see what happened next to the heroic crew of the Enterprise. Captain Kirk, ready to face new cultures and of course, new women.  His brash and purposefully overplayed hero coming to the rescue and straightening out all the problems encountered in each episode.  He always seemed to have a wise saying at the end of each episode to show how short-sighted the people of the 20th century could be.  Remember "Let This Be your Last Battlefield"?  Lokai and Bele letting their hatred rule them, different only because one was white on the right side and the other was white on the left.  An entire planet destroyed by bigotry- how sad!  I remember the episode where the Com's and the Yang's were at war, a commentary on the cold war of the 60's. Remember Kirk as he realized that the leader of the Yang's were actually reading from the Declaration of Independence and the tattered American flag they revered.  Yes, James T. Kirk was a "cowboy" in the future, but what a ride he provided for those of us left behind on Earth. How tragic our captain's love life.  Every time he was in a serious relationship the woman died. Remember Edith Keeler and Miramanee??  Two of the best episodes of the series!  Read his autobiographical "Star Trek Memories" and "Star Trek Movie Memories" available for purchase here and here.

Mr. Spock, my hero!!!  Leonard Nimoy was my first celebrity crush, simply because he portrayed the cool-headed, unemotional (?), ever logical Mr. Spock.  I spent each episode watching for a glimpse of his human half, and waiting for the banter between Spock and McCoy.  What a joy to actually see him laugh in "This Side of Paradise", and get angry in "All Our Yesterdays".  He was the "brains" aboard the Enterprise, always analyzing and processing information to help Capt. Kirk save the day. Loyal to the Enterprise, Starfleet, and his captain at all times, sometimes against his personal beliefs.  "Amok Time", one of my favorite episodes, giving us a glimpse of life on Vulcan. Spock, always a man of honor and integrity, my very favorite character!  I was devastated when they killed him in the film "The Wrath of Khan".  Read his autobiography "I am Not Spock" and "I am Spock" available for purchase here and here.  Read his little known but very nice book of poetry "Warmed by Love" recently republished (I'm so glad as I lost my original copy) available for purchase here.

Dr. "Bones" McCoy, all Southern charm and so emotional!  A perfect counterpoint to Spock's cool logic.  Never at a loss for words, he was the one who never hesitated to offer an opinion about whatever planet or culture the Enterprise visited.  He fell in love as easily as he cured a new virus, drank too much occasionally, and was a totally captivating character.  I always looked forward to the next "I'm a doctor, not a ........." as he labored over a seemingly complex medical problem which he then proceeded to solve.  I always wished he could have been the featured character in more episodes.  My favorite McCoy episode is "For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky".  This episode showed McCoy with all his human frailties and inner strengths as he faced a terminal illness, true love, separation from his friends, and then a cure and separation from his love.  McCoy,  the only person on the Enterprise who could tell off both the Captain and Mr. Spock and get away with it. The constantly crabbing "heart of gold" healer of the Enterprise.

Uhura, what a classy lady!  Master of communications and languages.  One of the first truly intelligent women characters portrayed on television.  I only wish this character had been showcased in a few episodes.  For those of you who read the Pocket Books "Uhura's Song" is probably the best portrayal of this character.  If you haven't read it you should do so immediately! You can buy it online here.  Nichelle Nichols is still breaking barriers with a velvet glove.  I admire and respect her as an individual and had the pleasure of meeting her and the opportunity to tell her so.  She also writes, sings, represents NASA......  You can purchase her  autobiography here: and her science fiction novel "Saturn's Child" here.

Sulu, the swashbuckling pirate wannabe, helmsman of the USS Enterprise 1701, originally assigned as an astrophysicist ("Where No Man Has Gone Before").  He always seemed to me to be enjoying his life on the Enterprise.  At the center of almost every crew party he seemed to emulate Kirk, wanting to be a "ladies man". This one trait even showed in the alternate universe of "Mirror Mirror" where he tried to hit on Uhura (without much success, I might add!) George Takei portrayed this character with such elan, you always knew that he loved his work.  You can read Mr. Takei's autobiography "To the Stars" available for purchase here.

Chekov, the "kid" of the crew (although not in reality), navigator of the USS Enterprise 1701.  Last regular cast member to join the series.  Completely unbelievable Russian accent aside, Chekov was just SO cute you wanted to take care of him.  Always in danger on away missions, Pavel was "saved" probably more than any other member of the crew, and could he scream (should have been in horror movies).  Walter Koenig is quite an accomplished writer, his latest Star Trek book "Warped Factors: A Neurotics Guide to the Universe" is a gently humorous look at his life and his Trek life.  I was really impressed with his honest and down-to-earth writing. (available for purchase here)  I know you'll enjoy this one!

Mr. Scott, chief engineer and generally able to fix anything at any time with no available parts.  Immortalized in the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty.......".  Always good for a round of drinks and a story while on shore leave, if he didn't spend his time catching up with engineering journals (mentioned in many episodes)  His most sheepish moment when he "threw the first punch" in "The Trouble With Tribbles".
The most heart rending when he lost his girl to the Greek God Apollo in "Who Mourns Adonis".  His autobiography "Beam Me Up Scotty" available for purchase here.

Lastly, the "grand dame" of Star Trek, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, better known at the time as Nurse Christine Chapel.  The angst portrayed by this woman at her unrequited love for Spock, was heartbreaking at times.  She was down, but never out, regardless of the situation the Enterprise faced.
Not one to be held back, we learned in later years that Christine continued school and became a Starfleet doctor at times still working along side her mentor, Leonard McCoy.  The only person to appear in each and every Star Trek series, either as a character or as the voice of the computer, Ms. Barrett is worthy of much more respect and admiration than the general Star Trek community ever gives her.  (Have you ever seen her picture included on any of the Tshirts? ie-"The women of Star Trek" )  Ms. Barrett continues to attend conventions and remind us all of Gene Roddenberry's dream.  This past year she got Gene's last series "Earth: Final Conflict" on the air on the Fox network.  If you haven't yet watched it, you're missing a treat.  This show is well done, the story line and the characters are both exciting, and show us yet another facet of the imagination of Gene Roddenberry.  I was so thrilled when I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Barrett at a convention and tell her all that she had influenced in my life.  She is one of the most gracious people I have ever met, and always takes time for the fans of Star Trek. She hasn't written a book, that I know of, but you can purchase the authorized biography of Gene Roddenberry Star Trek: Creator by David Alexander by clicking on the title.

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