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      Reference Pages at the Bungalow


General Reference-
  National Geographics Contents Pages-  Many subjects to choose from here.  Always worth checking out when researching any topic.
   Bartlett's Familiar Quotations- Passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources.
   The Library of Congress- great reference site for all sorts of things. Especially good for history and current politics.
   Digital Schoolhouse- " fun stuff about music, art, science, technology, and lots more!"  Great site for kids!
   Encyberpedia- one of the best reference resources for information on the internet.
   The Free Internet Encyclopedia- another great general reference site.
   Jonathan P Dowling's Bookmarks- a wide variety of subjects organized by topic for easy access.
   My Virtual Reference Desk- many reference sites, also headlines, almanacs, fast references.  There's really an abundance of information here.  I use this site a lot.

   One Look Dictionaries- search the usual and the unusual for the words you want.  You may want to browse through some of these just for fun!
   The On-line Books Page- just what it says.  Classics and contemporary. Search by title or author to see if the book you're looking for is on the 'net.  Another one of my favorite places to go.  Anyone who enjoys reading should make frequent visits to this site!
   Common Errors in English-  just what it says.
   Classic Books in a Gopher file-  Aesop to Vergil and lots of others in between.
   The Word Detective-  Did you ever wonder where a word originated or how it came into usage?  This is the place to go.  Evan Morris also has a column that appears in many newspapers in the US.
   A&E Biography- contemporary and historic biographies of interesting people.  Also has a weekly quiz just for fun.

   An Abridged History of the United States- very interesting site. An attempt to bring history alive to the students (old and young) of today.
   Archiving Early America- enter the world of early America here.  Find out what happened today in early American history. Fascinating site!
   Compact Histories- short histories of Native American tribes and their origins in the United States.
   World Kid's Network's Earth Pages- lists countries that have information pages on the web.
   Encyclopedia of Women's History- written by and for the K12 community.  This is a really wonderful site to surf.
   Eyewitness- Ibis Communications site for history through the eyes of those who lived it. Fascinating!
   History Hotspots- links to web sites about history from Ancient History to the present.  A good place to start your research.
   Mysteries of the Bible- weekly discussions and archives about the Old Testament.
   Totally Absurd- strange and unusual inventions actually patented in the United States.
   Tour Egypt- site from the Ministry of Egypt.  There is so much really wonderful information here, including the entire Book of the Dead.  Visit the Pyramids and learn all about the pharaoh's.  One of my favorite sites on the web!
   Welcome to the White House-  need information about the presidents?  Want to write to Bill Clinton?  This is the place to go for current government information.
   History House-  live history here.  Books, stories, and historical trivia.
Check out the story of the week!

   The Smithsonian Institution- you can find almost everything here.
   The National Museum of Women in the Arts
   Guide to Museums and Cultural Resources-  Listed by country, state and museum name. Probably any museum that has a web site is listed here.

Planets and Stars
   The Nine Planets- good reference site about the planets and their moons.
    Welcome to the Planets- NASA's site about the Solar System.

These are the sites that I've visited the most while doing homework with my own children and researching various things on the web.  I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

If you have any questions or additions for this page, please write and let me know.  I am always happy to add good reference sites to this page.

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