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Welcome to Beverly's Bungalow!

Come on in and visit for a while.

Here at the Bungalow it's always an exciting time during the holiday's.  We put up our tree and decorations, make lots of cookies, and shop for presents.  It's a real family project for us.  Our family is scattered throughout the United States and we can't share the holidays with them, so our time together is even more precious.The most important thing we do is remember why we celebrate Christmas and we count our blessings.  Everyone is a little nicer, a little more considerate of others, and a little more forgiving during this season.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all keep these sentiments going throughout the year.
We at the Bungalow wish all of our visitors the very merriest of Christmas' and a happy and prosperous New Year.  Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanza, or any other holiday during this time, we hope you remember those less fortunate and share some of your blessings with them.  Give some of yourself along with your presents, you'll be so glad that you did!
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Frank's Den

     US Navy
Science Fiction Room
     Star Trek
             Star Trek: The Original Series- thoughts,links to actors homepages,books, and more!
             Fan Fiction Links
     Stargate SG-1
The Office
     Work at Home
           Help! I Need Money
           Support Sites
             Work@Home Parents Web Page
             Work At Home Mom's Online Magazine

The Recreation Room
     The Contest Cupboard
           Contest and Sweeps How To's and Links to Great Sites
           Links to other places to play games for prizes
      The Gameroom  
         Trivia Blitz Entertainment Edition - Play a free game where you answer questions about movies, music, TV shows, & other topics. Register free of charge for the chance to win cash prizes! 
           Play some fun games in the Playroom  Trivia Blitz, Mah Jongg, Espresso Solitaire,
           Jungle Runner, Space Blaster  all free for your entertainment.

The Garage- all sorts of neat stuff stored here!
              Free ... On the Web - indexes links to places to get free stuff, games, contests, promotions, coupons, good deals, and more! (even money) 

No Cost!
No Cost! Find products for FREE!

Medical Laboratory
          Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome) or No, Taking a nap is NOT going to make me feel better
          This is my personal story about CFIDS and my struggle to accept and understand this disease.
      Links to more information about CFIDS
          CFS FAQ's and answers
          CFS Newsgroup
          The CFIDS Association of America
          The American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
          CFS Site Map- this page has links to many different research articles and other links. I've read most of them, some angered and frustrated me and some were very helpful.  I believe all information should be available without my personal editing or opinion and this site provides many different site links without editorial prejudice.

Disclaimer:  There are so many conflicting research studies on CFS that it is not possible to endorse any ONE theory about this disease.  You should read everything that you can find about this disease and find what works for you after consulting with your physician.  Every person with CFS has different symptoms, research on this debilitating disease is ongoing and ever changing. Please take what you need and disregard that which doesn't work for you.  These sources are meant to provide information only, and are not the only CFS resources on the net. The intent of this section is to inform and educate the public about this disease and shatter the misconceptions that surround it.  Please remember that just because someone doesn't "look sick" it doesn't mean that they aren't sick.  CFS is an "invisible disability" and hopefully it's sufferers will be treated with respect and not scorn. I am not a physician and it is not my intent to offer medical advice but to make people more aware of the problems surrounding CFIDS.

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     Reference- help your kids with their homework.
          General Reference sites, English Literature and Grammar, History Sites, Planets and        the Solar System Even if you're not helping with homework, a lot of these sites are great fun to visit!
     Irish Things-
          Myths, Legends, and other things Irish

Samantha's Room
     Astrology, Tarot, Horoscopes and Runes
          Psychic World Network - Your future as told by the stars! Weekly horoscopes for fun and insight.    Need a psychic friend to talk to? We have America's Top Psychic Readers! 
     Strange/Unexplained Things
     Teen sites
     Witchcraft (white magic only)
Brandi's Room
     Ghosts, Hauntings, Horror
     Ancient Cultures
The Guest Room
     Friends of the Bungalow
          Visit our friends, some of our sponsors, and lots of other interesting places.  Don't leave the Bungalow without checking out this page.

Our Banner pages-
          Use these if you like them and want to link to any of our pages, help yourself!
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Family information
Frank is active duty in the US Navy. A proud member for 11 years.
Born in Germany to a military family, he carries on the family tradition.

Penny was recently diagnosed with CFIDS, and is no longer able to work as an RN. Something she did for 27 years with joy. She worked in the Emergency Department for most of her career.  Penny is also a die-hard Star Trek fan since the show first aired in 1963.  Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and especially Uhura and Christine Chapel, are responsible in large part for the person she is today.  Penny also is an avid sweepstaker/contester. She especially likes trivia type contests.

Samantha is in the 10th grade this year. She sings in the school choir and enjoys dancing, music, and is a Trekker in training.  The high point of her life so far has been meeting Kate Mulgrew in person and getting to talk with her.

Brandi is in the 7th grade this year.  She loves playing computer games her favorites are Arcade and Adventure types.  She is an avid reader enjoying mysteries and horror.  She is editor of the school yearbook this year.

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