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Welcome to the "Bungalow's Booty" Giveaway!!

During this Christmas season, the Bungalow would like to encourage all of you to give of yourselves and your bounty to those who are less fortunate.  Caring and giving are all a part of the holiday and new year.  Tell those that you care about just how much you love them!  Love is a present that can't be bought at any store!

*****Please visit the sponsors listed on this page and on the answer submission page.  Any money I receive from these banner ads will be used to purchase more prizes for  future contests.  Thank you*****
I do not receive any monetary compensation by sponsoring this contest.

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Bungalow Booty is a skill based contest.
Prizes will be given away monthly, biweekly,  and weekly in the month of November.
1. One entry per person/email address per week.  Duplicate entry's will be discarded and the last entry will be counted.  Members of the same household or family may enter as long as they have separate email addresses.
2.  Search the sites given in the hints to find the answers to the questions.  Each person who enters this contest MUST visit the sponsor sites that are supplying our prizes at least once per week.  Our continuing sponsorship depends on these visits.  If the sponsor sites do not see an increase in visitors they will not supply a prize next month.  Write the answers down and when you have found them all fill out the entry form and submit.  That's all there is to it!
Complete rules can be found on the next page.

1st Prize: Bath box with relaxing oils and more
               Wendy Cahoon
2nd Prize: "Bubba" bunny
                Lanny Bender
3rd Prize: 1/2 pound of JD Brickle's yummy candy
                Melissa Seignious
The Bungalow thanks you for playing and hope's you will continue to visit and again try to steal the Bungalow's Booty!
                Scott Sanchez won this week's set of Note Cards from Botanicals Hawaii.
                Jeannie Osborn won the eagle on crossed flags from J&D Merchandising.

This month we are fortunate enough to have 12 sponsors.
Happy Lane Herbals, JD Brickle Candy Co., Botanicals Hawaii, Pine Hollow Handcrafts, A Kitchen Emporium, J&D Merchandising,
The Cookie Garden, Sacker Morgan's Pod-Pouri, Expressions of Spirit, Stepping StonesGood Orient and Country Roots.
We are always looking for even more sponsors.  Your continued support of this contest and your visits to the sponsor and banner sites will ensure that this contest continues and the prizes get bigger. Look at all the places I've given you to do your Christmas shopping! :-D
Tell all your friends and family to enter this month.  Remember we are now offering a weekly prize!

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Prizes are described on Pleasure Pavilion Page.
MONTHLY PRIZES - 7 for the month of November.
BIWEEKLY PRIZE - 1 every other week.
WEEKLY PRIZE - 1 every week
Occassionally the Bungalow will give an extra or bonus prize just because we want to.

WEEK 1 QUESTIONS - There were 168 correct responses for Week 4.  Thank you all for your support.  Remember, the sponsors are monitoring the visits to their pages to determine the value of their prizes so make sure to visit them weekly. My how our question list is growing!!!!!


1. What is used to preserve each wreath that is grown and crafted in the "Hollow"?
( hint Wreath's are made from tree branches.  Aren't those made from wood?)

2. What is Lucy carrying in her basket?
( hint Lucy is one who "hops" through the Hollow)

3. How often is there a winner in the contest at JD Brickle and how often can you enter?
( hint Why not enter Holly's contest while you're there!)

4. Can I buy sugar-free cookies for my diabetic Aunt at the Cookie Garden?
( hint )

5. How often is there a winner in the contest at the Cookie Garden and how often can you enter?
( hint )

6. How many different Psychics are available for your questions at Sacker Morgan Pod-Pouri, and how much do they charge?
( hint  Psychics?  Maybe you all can divine the answer)

7. What method does each spiritualist use to answer your questions?
( hint I see many correct answers to this question)

8. How many "awards" have been won by A Kitchen Emporium?
( hint )

9. What information must you enter to find out about your past lives?
( hint )

10. How are orders shipped from Happy Lane Herbals?
( hint )

11. Where does the word Giclee originate?
( hint Giclee???? Aren't they like slurpee's? )

12. Who is the spiritual guidance counselor at Stepping Stones?
( hint )

13. What is a Chinese Cheongsam?
( hint You'll have to work for this one!)

14. How many different Cheongsam's are shown at Good Orient?
( hint )

15. How many different service plans are offered through J&D Merchandising?
( hint )

16. From where does J&D Merchandising obtain their software?
( hint )

17. What will you win if you're the lucky entry in the contest at Expressions of Spirit?
( hint )

18. What is the name of the 2nd gallery?
( hint )

19. From what is Santa made and why does he "jingle"?
( hint Christmas )

20. How many DIFFERENT Christmas backgrounds and borders are there on the pages within the Bungalow?
( Good Luck and Godspeed.  No hints for this one, you'll just have to count them! )




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